Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Original Model Photos

"And now for something completely different", just to coin a phrase from the famous Monty Python.
The spacecraft models from Star Trek:TNG have been featured in many publications and are most probably available in bewildering numbers online, however these particular shots were sent to me many years ago by ST fan, Chris Firestone from the U.S. and also by none other than Greg Jein, one of the chief model makers employed for many of the episodes throughout all seven seasons. Additional photos were taken during "Star Trek: The Exhibition" at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney many years ago by Paul Cairncross. Many thanks to all three gentlemen who donated these great shots to a very amateur fanzine called, "Science Fiction Modeller". At least now these photos can be seen as they were meant to be, in colour.
My memory fails me as to exactly what models are featured here. I used to remember details like this - must be old age. I'll group them together as much as possible and if you can help out by identifying what's what, then I'll add the explanations to the photos at a later date.

Chris Firestone provided these photos which were taken at Image G Studios where the photography of the models occurred. Featured is the four foot long Enterprise D miniature.

Model kit debris for use at Wolf 359

The famous model maker, Greg Jein, provided these shots of some of the models being filmed at Image G Studios, mostly for the final episode of Season 7, "All Good Things".

 PART 3:
The following set of photos were kindly provided by Paul Cairncross from Sydney who went out of his way to visit the Powerhouse Museum quite a few years ago to obtain shots of some of the models featured in "Star Trek: The Exhibition".



  1. Awesome models and pictures!. I never see this pics! nowhere!

  2. I don't know who Chris Firestone is, but I recognize the two guys in the center and to the right of the second photo. Adam Savage and Jamie Heineman of Mythbusters fame; long before they were famous.