Thursday, 12 July 2012


This Blog is all about something that fascinates me personally in the movie/TV industry - that of acquiring behind-the-scenes photographs of miniature setups as they are being filmed for the camera. These particular photos are invaluable for me as they convey a number of things - the size of the miniature setup, the scale of the model(s), the lighting used to illuminate the scene, any rigging to allow the models to "fly" or move and how many people are involved in producing the shot. I just love photos of people working on various miniatures in the model shop, whether they be cars, aircraft, ships, buildings, trees or vehicles. Lots of details can be picked out in the backgrounds of these shots that provide an interesting insight into a TV series or a film.
I've provided a number of my own behind-the-scene photographs, together along with the resulting photos deemed by myself to be worthy of interest, ie. the "Good Shots". Very little computer manipulation occurs in these shots - about the most that I do is to remove any supporting threads from hanging models for flight scenes. The only other addition I might make would be to add an exhaust trail behind a rocket or aircraft, not because it appears more accurate, but because it "looks" good! The computer program I mainly use is called Microfoft Digital Image Pro Version 7 which was installed by a friend quite a few years ago. Not being particularly computer saavy, I tend to rely on various people to help me out in this regard.
Enjoy the photos!


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