Saturday, 14 July 2012


Using Up Those Old Boxes!

The idea for this construction came from finding some old 5 1/4” diskette boxes that had been used for keeping photographs, along with a plastic DVD/CD storage container. Cutting two boxes in half and adding them to the central DVD/CD container resulted in a cross-shaped construction. An entrance/reception area was made from styrene, as was the Loading Bay door at the rear.

1:72 scale seemed to be the logical size, so doorways and entrances were cut out accordingly. The multi-faceted dome on the top came from a prior model effort. Sections were glued together using styrene as support. The Loading Bay area at the rear features an opening door, as does a balcony atop the building. Tiny sliding doors allow 1:72 scale people out onto a deck! Small hinges allow the Loading Bay door to open.

Interior lighting consisted of 8, 12volt incandescent bulbs to fully illuminate each section, along with 8 red LEDs for peripheral areas of the building. Window areas were roughly cut out using a Dremel and backed with frosted pieces of clear acrylic. Window frames, cast from a previous endeavour, would cover each illuminated window. A piece of 3-ply became the support base.

The wires for interior lighting led out through one of the sides, two separate circuits in all – one for the 12volt bulbs and another for the LEDs which were powered by a pair of AA batteries. Masking each window was a laborious task. After a coat of primer grey and many tests of the interior lighting, the base coat of Winter White was applied. The window frames were sprayed orange and added afterwards.

Many details were added after the base colour and airbrushed weathering, such as kit parts, raw and unpainted, and a few signs, made up in the computer, to give life to the building. Some small holes were drilled with a Dremel to provide additional, exterior lights. After all the window masking was removed, an additional, satisfactory lighting test was done!

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  1. This is stunning... and so beautifully made. It does actually look like a Captain Scarlet or Joe 90 model. Wonderful.

    Now where are those plastic containers...?