Sunday, 15 July 2012


Give Us This day, Our Daily Bread Boxes!

Completed only recently, the design of this montrosity is very loosely based on that of the Marineville complex from Gerry Anderson's "Stingray". I love shopping at Lifeline, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross stores - they have an amazing range of bits and pieces, from old toys and containers to plastic shapes and bread boxes! And they don't ask what I'm going to do with the pieces either!

This building began life as a series of clear plastic boxes that were used to store square loaves of bread. Each half fitted inside the larger of the two to keep the bread fresh. Lengths of 25mm PVC plumbing pipe were inserted to join the various sections of the structure. Many strips of Evergreen were added to create the window areas. The top section was a freezer box from a refrigerator.

The antenna array on top was created with ship display stands and kit parts. Internal lighting was achieved with the use of nine, 12volt bulbs and small red LEDs were also added. Detailing consists of sheet styrene, model kit parts and household items.

The courtyard areas feature scratchbuilt tables, chairs, potplants and other assorted items. Being a filming prop, only the three facing sides are fully detailed, the rear being left virtually empty. Total cost was in excess of $150.

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