Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Okay, so I managed to create my first entry as a Blog - a kit review of Cassini Designs' new SKY 1 model - and what a great kit it is too. I'm trying, now that my confidence hasn't been too badly damaged, to put up an original model that I did a few months ago, what I like to call a MULTI-BUILDING. Yes, I know. What a silly name. The idea was to construct a building that could be photographed from a variety of angles and look like different structures altogether in different photographic setups. In retrospect, I don't feel I made the four sides different enough to make it appear more interesting, however the tests don't look too bad.

Starting with a polystyrene seafood box, 3mm sides were added with compressed cardboard. Detailing consists of small storage boxes, strip styrene, parts from a bread slicer, a microwave dish, toy and model kit parts, aluminium angle, plastic tubing, straws, dividers from floppy diskette containers, among many other sources. The building can be positioned to provide five different angles for model photography purposes – the four varying sides and the roof. Christmas lights give illumination to two sides only.
Basic polystyrene box

Adding compressed cardboard sheeting

The completed building face sections

Detailing the plastic tool boxes with
children's building blocks

Testing the Christmas lights

Painting some cheap, plastic tubes to
detail another side of the building

Detailing the roof areas
Roof area painted prior to weathering

The weathering/dirtying down improves
it quite a bit.

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