Friday, 10 August 2012


A Very Powerful Little Machine!

This little model began life as a toy plough, purchased from a local hobby shop for a few dollars after I saw some kind of potential in the design, as well as the fact that the caterpillar tracks actually worked which was very appealing. With the addition of a 1/72 scale helicopter nose and some engines from an old Concorde aircraft, along with a number of other detail pieces, I had what I was after - a tracked vehicle capable of towing duties around a busy airport. The trailer came from another small military toy and the load it's carrying is a simple cylinder ("Star Wars: Phantom Menace" Pod Racer?) with wheel halves added to the ends and extra kit detail to various areas. One of my favourite colours, Venus Orange, was used on the model, along with generic decals, pinstriping tape and handpainted details. All in all, a very quick and enjoyable build! (And the caterpillar tracks still work too!)

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